So it has finally happened, there have been rumours swirling and it all hinged on what the Cardinals were going to do, well they pulled the trigger and drafted Murray so it was only a matter of time before Rosen would be shipped out. The Dolphins had been named as a suitor and it finally became real last night. We imagine there are going to be a lot of haters of this trade but lets take an objective look at it. 

Prior to the trade they dropped down the second round sending away the 48th selection and this years 4th for the New Orleans Saints 62nd pick this year together with this years 6th and next years 2nd. They then gave the Cardinals the 62nd pick together with a 5th next year for Rosen. As the team are in rebuild mode and won’t be that competitive this year you could look at the two deals and say that they have acquired Rosen for some late round manoeuvring in 2019 and 2020. So they gave up this years 2nd rounder, so what; would it have made a huge difference in the grand scheme of things for this season, nope. Probably better to have another 2nd rounder next year any way. It will give the coaching staff time to properly evaluate what they have ready for a meaningful season in 2020.

What have they got, a QB that played behind a disastrous offensive line, only had 11 touchdowns against 14 interceptions, completed 55% of his passes and was sacked a shed load. Not great numbers and we could see why anger may take hold but consider this, if he is thrown into the starting line up the worst he could do it cement the number one pick for next year, would that be a bad thing? 

He could however have learnt from his rookie year and turn into what a lot of people considered to be the best pure passer of the 2018 draft. He probably won’t in reality because the Dolphins are on paper no better than the 2018 Cardinals, but they didn’t give up much to get him and if things go down the pan he may will be shipped out again next year. It isn’t as though he is going to cost the team a huge amount ether, Arizona already has paid his $10 million signing bonus, leaving Miami on the hook for only $6 million over the next three seasons, pretty cheap as risks go.

We hear you, he was the worst ranked QB last season but it wasn’t all that bad, there are, believe it or not highlight reels out there of his 2018 season and if you haven’t already, we urge you to spend the time to watch them as there were times when things went well and he showed touch and precision with his throws and has an arm to sling it. What we are trying to say is he wasn’t totally garbage and there is something to work with and it may have just been the situation he was in.  

Lets not get all upset before we have even see him in action and if the worst comes to the worst, which it was probably going to anyway with or without Rosen then the Dolphins will be right at the top of the drat board next year, patience will be required, Rome wasn’t built in a day.