From the start, talking about sports has always come easy to Jay Pagliaro. 

Whether it was reading scores and stats out of the newspaper to his family  as a toddler, discussing the latest happenings in the sports world to........

Tony Sparano 1961-2018

Rewind.... 2008.. 

As a Dolphin fan, the previous 24 months had been, to put it mildly, less than ideal. 

2018 NFL Draft

QB or not QB… that is the question

My 2018 NFL Mock Draft

In just under a week from the time of this article, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will approach the podium in Arlington, Texas to.....

Jarvis 'Juice' Landry

On March 9, the dreadful news I hoped wouldn't happen; but deep down suspected would. Jarvis Landry's days as a member of the Phins came to an end.......