Web Weekend 2016

We started the Miami Dolphins Web Weekend today on Friday November 25. Thank you to Dolfan UK for allowing...

Web Weekend

I was lucky enough to to be able to represent our Dolfan UK clubduring the Chargers game. I arrived

Buccaneers Weekend 2012

Posted by Rob G

Myself, my wife Karen, my son Callum and daughter Olivia attended training camp on Wednesday 8th August.

Miami Dolphins Arizona Cardinals

30th Sept 2012, by Bob and Carla B

The “football” part of the weekend started with a visit to the team’s hotel the evening before the game, in order.......

Super Bowl Trip

Posted 22nd Jan, report by Matthew L

This report is by one of our newest members Matthew L, it is about his recent Super Bowl trip to the Big Apple.

Fan-Tastic Wembley 2014 - Miami vs Oakland

Posted by Peter W

The weekend of the 26-28th September was great if you were a Dolfan. It all started on Friday when.....

Wembley 2014 – Behind The Scenes With Your Committee!

The Wembley weekend actually started months earlier for your committee at our AGM. 

Diary Of A Dolfan, Jets vs Dolphins Weekend

It was the start of a busy weekend, the Dolphins were coming to town needing to beat the Jets. However before it..