Web Weekend 2016

We started the Miami Dolphins Web Weekend today on Friday November 25. Thank you to Dolfan UK…

Web Weekend

I was lucky enough to to be able to represent our Dolfan UK clubduring the Chargers game. I arrived

Buccaneers Weekend 2012

Myself, my wife Karen, my son Callum and daughter Olivia attended training camp on Wednesday 8th August.

Miami Dolphins Arizona Cardinals

The “football” part of the weekend started with a visit to the team’s hotel the evening before the game, in order…….

Super Bowl Trip

This report is by one of our newest members Matthew L, it is about his recent Super Bowl trip to the Big Apple.

Fan-Tastic Wembley 2014 - Miami vs Oakland

The weekend of the 26-28th September was great if you were a Dolfan. It all started on Friday when…..

Wembley 2014 – Behind The Scenes With Your Committee!

The Wembley weekend actually started months earlier for your committee at our AGM

Diary Of A Dolfan, Jets vs Dolphins Weekend

It was the start of a busy weekend, the Dolphins were coming to town needing to beat the Jets. However before it..