Membership details and the dolfan uk charter

Membership runs from August 1st through to July 31st. Fees are as follows:- 

Adult (or 1st family adult member)  £25
Additional adult  (18 & over)              £10 MUST be spouse/partner/child at same address
Second adult ie sibling                       £25 resident at a different address from the main member
Child (7-17)                                          £5**
Non members child (7-17)                £10
Child Under-7                                       Free - (only as an additional family member)
*under 10 only as an additional family member 
**10 or over as an individual member with parents/guardians permission   

What do I get for my membership?..... A membership pack (items may vary from year to year), membership card (10% discount when visiting the Miami Dolphins Pro Shops), the ability to order tickets for Miami home games and the Wembley game, not to forget the chance to meet new friends and talk Dolphins! For all membership enquiries please email the Membership Secretary at



Every club has to have its rules and/or a charter, and we are no different. The “Serious Stuff” is necessary, but the “Fun Stuff” is what we’re all about!  The Serious Stuff Members reminded that when they attend any Miami Dolphins or NFL related events, they are representing Dolfan UK and must behave in a manner by which they maintain, and enhance our excellent relationship and reputation with these organisations.  Dolfan UK is unable to guarantee tickets, training camp visits, pre-game field passes, or participation in any other activity directly involving the Miami Dolphins, other than the public events e.g. the coach’s radio show. Such activities are solely at the discretion of our great friends and supporters in Miami, and the Miami Dolphins organisation.  Dolfan UK (the committee) reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who has been deemed to have previously brought themselves or the club into disrepute. In extreme cases, membership may be terminated. All matters above will be discussed at committee level before a decision has been reached.


Our purpose is to support and promote the Miami Dolphins and the NFL, and to share our experiences and stories amongst the Dolphins’ community of fans, both in the UK and throughout the world. We are, ourselves a community with a common purpose, Love Football? Love the Dolphins! Have fun!   Many long-lasting friendships have been formed through the club, where people have come together initially for a common purpose. We exist so that members can have fun, make friends, and join together in supporting the Miami Dolphins!  Dolfan UK always strives to have an annual “Club Do” here in the UK, and we are always happy to see and welcome old and new faces alike. It is an opportunity to talk Dolphins, win prizes, and, more importantly enjoy each other’s company.  

Love football? Love the Dolphins! Have fun!