10 years ago, being the Official Dolphins UK fan club, we ran a series of articles when we posed the same set of questions to various members of staff who work behind the scenes at the Dolphins. With many changes, and with us soon to launch our third web site platform in that time, what better way to move on than run the series again!


1) Please describe your current role and responsibilities?

I’m senior manager of game entertainment and cheerleaders. In this role, I oversee all game entertainment including the national anthem presentation, recognitions in-game and halftime shows. Additionally, I manage the cheerleading team. I also handle all military activation and engagement for the Dolphins. This can include in-game recognition, building local, regional and national relationships and bringing groups overseas to visit our troops.

2) How long have you been with the Dolphins and how did you first start there? 

My first season was in 2007, when we only won a single game. Despite the team’s record, I had an amazing year and was hooked. I started as a staff assistant and 11 years later, I’m still here!

3) Other teams supported, ie NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL etc?  

I originally wanted to work in sports with MLB. I’m a huge Red Sox fan, being from New England (to be clear: NOT a Patriots fan) and baseball has always been my first love. Now that I’m with the Dolphins though, I couldn’t imagine leaving.

4) Best on and off-field memories.

On-field: Every single home game where we beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. This year was pretty sweet, but we have won a handful of these games and they are always the best. 

Off-field: My first trip to Afghanistan. Each trip to visit the troops is so special to me, but the first time in Afghanistan was truly a memorable experience. It was in 2012 and it was very much still a tough time over there for our military. We were able to see and experience some things that I will never forget. The Dolphins have done 42 tours overseas and I have been fortunate enough to coordinate 14 of those. We have five scheduled to take place in the next three months. We have a really great relationship with Armed Forces Entertainment, which affords us the opportunity to be very active overseas.

5) In YOUR time at the Dolphins, which player would you rate as the best you’ve seen and briefly why? 

There have been many greats that I have seen, but my favorite player to watch over my career has been Cam Wake. He has been here a while, so I’ve been fortunate enough to watch a lot of him. His energy on the field is ridiculously contagious and you can’t help but get excited after a big sack.

6) Funniest moment in your time at the Dolphins. 

When the Pro Bowl was in Miami, my department assisted with the cheerleader and mascot programs, so we were in charge of various mascots from around the league. Unbeknownst to us, they colluded to execute an in-game prank where, during a time out, they stripped down into mascot underwear and streaked the field. None of us saw it coming and it was hysterical. We literally had to chase them off the field. Working with mascots is always a funny part of the job.


1) Please describe your current role and responsibilities?

This is my 29th season with the Dolphins and in my time with the team I’ve had a variety of roles and responsibilities. In 2003, I was promoted to Senior Director – Digital and Print Media, where, in addition to editing and producing all of our team publications, my responsibilities grew to directing the organization’s Internet initiatives, including development and design, corporate branding, new media initiatives and Internet broadcasting. I currently serve as editor of our team publications and digital efforts, while assisting in the historical affairs of the team.

2) How long have you been with the Dolphins and how did you first start there?

I started in 1989 working in our media relations department. In that role, I assisted in all aspects of organization’s media relations and publicity efforts, including working with national and local media and coordination of player and coach interviews. In 1993, our department was honored with the Pete Rozelle Award, which is awarded to the club public relations department that consistently strives for excellence in its dealings and relationships with the media. I was promoted to director of publications prior to the 1996 season where my responsibilities included design and editing of organization’s publications, including media guide (600-plus pages), game program and yearbook.

 3) Other teams supported, ie NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL etc?

Easiest question you asked. With my parents having been born in The Bronx, the New York Yankees are a passion of mine. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, where the Yankees held their spring training and minor league teams. I was able to attend the spring training games of the New York Yankees and watch all of their future stars develop.

4) Best on and off-field memories

My best and worst memories both happened on the same day – Jan. 17, 1993. Dolphins vs. Bills for the AFC Championship. The week leading up to the game was the most exciting of my career. We were one game away from going to the Super Bowl. I was going to advance the game and had my suitcase in my car as I was going straight from the stadium to the airport to Los Angeles. Well, Bills 29, Dolphins 10. The only left to do was unpack when I got home.  

5) In YOUR time at the Dolphins, which player would you rate as the best you’ve seen and briefly why.

The best player? Dan Marino. My favorite player? Mark Clayton. Toughest player I ever saw. I really believe he enjoyed playing on the road more than at home. He was so mentally strong.

6) What’s an interesting fact about your time in sports.

This is the 30th season of Hard Rock Stadium and I have never sat in the stands for a Dolphins game in the venue. In fact, since the building’s been open I’ve only missed one Dolphins game – Dec. 22, 1991 when I had the chicken pox.