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Nat Coombs is a broadcaster and writer who has presented NFL coverage on UK TV & Radio for over 10 years. He currently hosts NFL coverage for TalkSport radio, including his weekly news show, The NFL Show, NFL Matchday Live & live coverage of the Super Bowl. He is also the current host of the International Series games for BBC TV and works regularly for ESPN UK.

Nat has anchored over 100 live NFL games on TV, working for Channel 4, FIVE & the BBC. He writes for The Times and was one of the founding members of the Americarnage podcast.

He considers himself a very lucky man. Having been in love with the American Football since he was a kid, and probably the youngest subscriber in history to First Down, he’s living his dream. His favourite players of all time are Dan Marino, Joey Harrington and Fred Smoot for altogether different reasons, and he is typically the Cleveland Browns of his fantasy football league(s).

Nat on being a Dolphins fan:

“Original 80’s vintage – Marino, Marx Brothers, Offerdahl. Far more excited about interviewing Mark Clayton than any other player I have spoken to in my career. Earliest taste of pain was hoping Sammie Smith would somehow become the franchise RB we needed. Loved the underrated players – Reggie Roby, I’m looking at you! I love that we’re typically glorious losers, with an often cavalier style, but enough already. I just want one SB – then back to 7-9 seasons. Great to see DolFan UK bringing us together so we can collectively wallow in misery and celebrate the good guys. You do realise this essentially makes us the Buffalo Bills with better weather right?”

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