One week To Go


In a land far far away, there is a man who has control of a team’s destiny, this man is Chris Grier and in a week’s time he will play a big part in shaping the Miami Dolphin future, potentially for years to come. He has accrued the largest amount of draft capitol for the 2020 draft in a hope to inject some much-needed young talent into the team. There are mock drafts upon mock drafts, nobody knows what is actually going to happen, there is posturing, injury reports, character assassinations all of which are trying to throw other teams of the trial, there is no point in second guessing what is going to unfold, heck, we aren’t even sure that Joe Burrow is going to be selected first if you believe some reports. 

What we do know is that Miami has holes that need to be filled and that starts with the quarterback. It could be Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, they need an upgrade because as much excitement as Ryan Fitzpatrick provides he isn’t the answer to the team’s long-term success. There was a thought that Josh Rosen would have a chance to prove his first year was an aberration, he has a better arm talent than Fitz but that isn’t the only requirement for playing QB in the NFL, having the mental aptitude is pretty high on the list and it seems as though Rosen hasn’t adjusted to the pro ranks yet. There were a number of times during last season when it was reported he was struggling to read defenses, two years on and it seems as though the Dolphins will be moving on.

The next obvious upgrade is offensive line, the Dolphins line has been poor at best, last year being graded as the worst in the league, the only way is up and they will only show signs of improvement if they draft left and right tackles than can come in and solidify the line straight from the get go. The priority will partially depend on which QB they draft because a certain QB throws with his left arm. It could be that they draft just one tackle and let Davenport man the remaining spot. That may prove to be foolish, but it could depend on how things go during the first couple of days. The interior of the line was potentially addressed with the acquisition of Ereck Flowers and Ted Karras during free agency. That leaves a number of candidates to play right guard so they may not choose to dial up that position this time around.

Next up on the shopping list should be a running back even with Jordan Howard coming over from the Eagles. He may be the answer if he can find the form that saw him explode on to the scene during his first two years, but it would be wise to add another quality prospect just in case because behind Howard that aren’t many other options. There are situational players but nobody that could carry the rock if Howard falls flat so expect to see a running back called reasonably early on.

Beyond that there would be no harm in drafting a safety to replace Reshad Jones so that Bobby McCain could move back to covering the slot which he excelled at. You would have to also think another cornerback may be selected, but by the time they have addressed the glaring needs it probably won’t be a player that could step in if Xavien Howard’s knees see him miss further time. 

The last position that may get bolstered is defensive end, even with the free agent signings there may be room for improvement and if there is a prospect that falls down the board they may not be able to resist. Drafting a blue-chip pass rusher is very hit and miss, it is one of the hardest positions to evaluate, need we say more, so using a pick in the later rounds wouldn’t be that painful if they don’t succeed.