​It is our privilege to have Shawn as our President. 

During his time with us he has judged competitions and donated raffles prizes. Back in 2015 we were delighted that Shawn and his lovely wife Marcia joined us at our club do. We had a question and answer session which provided a great insight into the game. Bear in mind Shawn was on the team at the same time as Marino and you can imagine, it made for some great stories.

Shawn was drafted in the 6th round by Jimmy Johnson, the then coach of the Miami Dolphins. He played for the Dolphins for four seasons and then signed a free agent contract with the Chicago Bears in the 2000 football season. After one year with the Chicago Bears, he returned to the Miami Dolphins. After a 9 year career he was forced to retire in 2004 due to a back injury.

He is well known in the South Florida community for his volunteer work with various charities and organisations and is an active member of the Dolphins alumni. Shawn received the Unsung Hero Award from the Miami Dolphins Alumni Association to honor a Dolphin player who might not have received the recognition he deserved during his playing days.

He is currently a financial advisor with Wooden Wealth Strategies.