William “Bill” Bazos 1936 – 2016
A DolFan UK Tribute by Bob Ball

​Friendly. Caring. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Passionate. Selfless.

Just a small selection of qualities that can be attributed to our great friend, and long time supporter, our very own Man From Miami, Bill Bazos.

I first met Bill in 2004, a few years after many of you. I was immediately taken by his kindness and generosity. There was a group of us in Miami for a double header, on the 26th September which became known as the Hurricane Bowl, because the kick off was delayed to let the tail end of Hurricane Jeanne pass over. Well, that was the plan. It was also one of Big Ben’s first ever games for the Steelers. I remember sitting in the club seats with Bill, who has won the seats at a hurricane relief event in Hollywood a couple of nights before. As I had never been to Miami, he insisted on sharing the seats with me and letting Carla sit in his end zone seat with Georgia. By the end of the first quarter, Georgia and Carla were the only ones in the whole section, everyone driven away by the sheer volume of rain. Bill and I were most comfy and dry! I learnt a lot about the game that night. In fact, I think Bill called nearly all of the plays correctly! The man was a font of sporting knowledge. Our mutual love for baseball gave us something to survive on during the long months without the NFL!

Bill cared passionately about the Miami Dolphins, having been with them from day one. Carla, myself and my two kids were once taken by Bill to the Orange Bowl one weekday. Everyone knew Bill, and before long, we on the middle of the field kicking and throwing a ball around. That was the man. Nothing too much trouble to arrange.

His influence during the early days of DolFan UK cannot be underestimated. The welcome he gave to members of our club in Miami was amazing. He would take people to the radio shows with coaches and ex-players, somehow getting us a table near the front every time. He always managed to introduce us to our NFL hosts, never forgetting to tell them how far we had travelled! I think it’s fair to say that our relationship with the Dolphins wouldn’t be what it is today without Bill Bazos.

Bill might not have been to a game recently, but that just proved another quality in that he was a man of principle. He had his reasons not to go, and I always respected that. But his passion for the Dolphins never waned. His passion for DolFan UK never waned.

And so, as the curtain closes on this life of Bill Bazos, it is fair to say that he will always remain an inspiration to us, and will never be forgotten!

Thanks for everything Bill.
Good-bye and God bless.

Our Man From Miami, Bill Bazos, was a Coral Springs resident, and a Miami Fan since the very first day of the franchise at the Orange Bowl. One of our founder members Eddie Irwin first met him in Jacksonville at the infamous 62-7 defeat, also Marino’s final game. From that day, he was, a great supporter of Dolfan UK, giving us endless encouragement and gifts, and, can without doubt be considered as one of our greatest friends, along with his lovely wife Joann, daughter Georgia and son George. Over the years he helped members to have extraordinary experiences, including attending events, and meeting players and officials. One highlight for us was him bringing 30 Dolphins fans from Miami to London in 2007 and attending our Club Do here. Bill wrote regularly for us, and his no-nonsense write-ups and articles were written with his trademark honesty and amazing eye for the game of football.